Motorcycle Injury Attorney: How to Choose the Right One

Enduring a motorcycle accident can leave you with more than just physical injuries; you could face substantial debt, lost income, and potential damage to your reputation, especially if you’re at fault.

To lessen your financial burden and secure your future, you need an adept motorcycle injury attorney. But, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right legal representative?

Understanding Your Rights Post-Accident

As an individual who rides a motorcycle, you possess distinct rights. These encompass the privilege to receive cost-free emergency medical treatment in the event of an injury, recompense for income loss or reduced earning potential resulting from the accident, as well as other entitlements pertaining to medical expenditures, property damage, and the impact on life expectancy. The most effective way to safeguard these rights is to enlist the services of a skilled motorcycle injury attorney familiar with bike law in your state.

Understanding the Four Types of Compensation

In the state of Georgia, for instance, there exist four primary forms of recompense pertaining to motorcycle accidents: economic damages, non-economic damages, personal injury protection benefits, and medical payments coverage. The specific coverage details falling within these categories can vary from state to state. Therefore, it is advisable to seek guidance from a motorcycle injury attorney in order to ascertain your eligibility for compensation based on the unique circumstances of your situation.

The Scope of Compensation

Physical and emotional injuries following an accident can be devastating, often leading to job loss, daily function difficulties, or mounting medical bills. Engaging a motorcycle injury attorney can help provide financial support and peace of mind during these tough times. Compensation may include a monetary settlement for past and future pain, emotional distress, disability, diminished life enjoyment, earning capacity impairment, and more.

When Do You Have A Case?

If your injuries resulted from another person’s negligence—like speeding, drunk or distracted driving—you likely have a case.

Engaging a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Following a motorcycle accident, you might want to consult an attorney. Their expertise can guide you through your legal options. Here are a few questions you should ask before engaging one:

Are they qualified? Do they have experience in handling motorcycle cases and medical law?
Do they work on a contingency basis? That means you won’t pay unless you win.
Finding the Right Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Choosing the right legal representation following a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. You want someone well-versed in motorcycle laws and has a reputable track record. Consider factors like their specialization and reputation when making your decision.

Understanding Legal Fees

Legal fees are typically determined in one of two ways—hourly or contingency. While the former means you pay per hour of service, the latter implies you pay nothing unless the lawyer wins your case.

How Insurance Companies and Lawyers Operate

Insurance companies are profit-driven entities, while lawyers offer legal services. This difference in purpose sometimes leads to insurance companies exploiting clients by charging higher premiums or refusing benefits. Therefore, it’s important to have a competent legal representative on your side to protect your interests.


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